Guild attendees love to see the quilts made by our members.

If members have quilt(s) to show, complete the Show & Tell Registration form(s), indicating all the information you would like us to say about the quilt(s). Include project details, sources, and proper credit for those who may have helped produce the quilt, or books, patterns, authors, workshops, inspiration, etc. The form is located on the Show & Tell page under the Member Only tab.

Procedures for showing your quilts

  • Each member or guest may show two (2) quilts per month.
  • Bring your quilt and the completed form to the Show & Tell table prior to the beginning of the meeting. You will be given a number so you will know the order in which your quilt will be shown.
  • During Show & Tell when your quilt is being moved into viewing position, please leave your seat, come forward, and stand beside your quilt.
  • The moderator will then read your description while you smile and have your picture taken. You will not have to say anything.
  • When the moderator has finished describing your quilt and the “oohs” and “aahs” and clapping have ended, move to the side of the room with your quilt. You can help take it off the frame, fold it, and lay it over the back bench so others can see your wonderful work up close. You can then return to your seat.

Many thanks to our “instant” volunteers who jump up to help load and unload the quilts during the Show & Tell presentation. You perform a valuable service and are appreciated. We’re looking forward to seeing your quilts at Show & Tell!!