Youth Quilt Entry Form

Youth Quilt Entry Form

Boise Basin Quilter's Guild - Quilt Show Entry Form

Entry Requirements

This entry form can be completed online and the information will be sent to the Quilt Show Committee automatically. Entrants still have the option to print out the old form and bring it to the quilt drop-off.

Check each question box to indicate agreement.

Entrant Information

(For BBQ use only - no information is shared)
BBQ Member?(Required)

Quilt Categories

All quilts will be folded in processing. There have been changes to the categories. Please review all categories. You are solely responsible for entering in the correct category. Any size limitations are based on the perimeter measurement (total distance around the edge of the quilt). For a rectangular quilt, the perimeter measurement = 2 x (width plus length). Please choose the category for your entry.


Quilt Size

Quilt Information

Quilted Method(Required)
Design Source - Please include book title, pattern title, class/instructor, or all other forms of inspiration. If your quilt was inspired by a commercial pattern book, it is not your original design.(Required)

Artist Statement

Describe your inspiration, entry, techniques and what inspired you in 450 characters or less. Please provide any copyright acknowledgement including book/pattern/kit name here, if not cited above. Statement may be edited for length, grammar, clarity and style. This will be posted next to your quilt in the show.

Required Quilt Photo

For security purposes, all entries must submit a 4"x6" photo of the FULL quilt top with the quilt. To upload a digital photo of your quilt, please .
Max. file size: 1 MB.
For security purposes, all entries must submit a 4"x6" photo of the FULL quilt top with the quilt. To upload a digital photo of your quilt, please select the "file upload" and insert your file.


The entry fee for non-members is $10.00 per entry in ALL categories, including Category 1600 and 2000.

For BBQ Members ONLY, each maker (entrant) may enter only one quilt per category for judging. The fee is $5.00 per quilt.

Quilt Entry Fee
Credit Card

Remember --

Quilt Take-In schedule is


I have read, and agree to, the rules which accompanied this entry form. I also certify that the entry described above was made by the person(s) listed above. I wish to display my entry in the Boise Basin quilters Quilt Show (BBQ) and agree to abide by the decisions of the judges. I understand that BBQ will take every precaution to protect my entry in this show. Entrant will not hold BBQ, event management or any of the employees or volunteers liable for damages or loss of entry, I realize they cannot be responsible for the acts of nature beyond their control. I understand that my signature gives BBQ the unlimited right to use a photo of my entry for promotions, advertising multimedia productions, website, and any photography needs relating to this event and other proper uses without further compensation to me.

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