Friday, September 30 – Saturday, October 1
10am – 5pm, Expo Idaho, Boise

Ticket prices at the door:
$10 – one day
$15 – two days

Welcome to the Boise Basin Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show page. The Boise Basin Quilters’ Guild (BBQ) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) established for the purpose of promoting awareness, education and the preservation of the quilting arts. Our annual quilt show is a primary fundraiser for supporting various BBQ programs that, in turn, support multiple community programs. More information about the programs supported by the Guild can be found HERE.

Boise Basin Quilters Guild’s annual quilt show showcases hundreds of quilts and exhibits. Come see the professionally judged quilts, shop for gifts & quilting supplies, collect your free door prize & enter for a chance to win our beautiful raffle quilt! The quilt show promotes awareness, education, and preservation of the quilting arts, supports the Boise Basin Quilters Guild’s community outreach projects, and supports our local quilt shops and vendors.

Each year, we try to provide a wonderful and unique experience. In addition to the traditional styles that have become treasured classics, the quilts submitted each year also include many that are more contemporary, edgier, and artsier than we have seen in years past. We had over 1,500 visitors during our 2019 show. Below are some of the activities of this year’s show. Feel free to visit often, sign up for our free newsletter or like us on Facebook. We hope you and your friends will attend the show this year and check out the diverse fiber art form that quilting has become.