April 27, 2023 Workshop ~ Dianne Kane “Round and Round and Round We Go”

Round and Round and Round - Paula Nadelstern Fabrics 4-27-23 Workshop;

Workshop: Round and Round and Round We Go
Instructor: Dianne Kane
Date: Thursday, April 27, 2023
Location: The Quilt Crossing (the store opens at 10:00)
…..10959 W. Fairview Avenue, Boise, Idaho
Registration fee: (see enrollment/payment information above artist statement)
..BBQ members: $40
..Non-members: $50
Class time: 10:30am – 5:30pm
You’ll learn to make kaleidoscope circles using a wedge ruler, and also learn how to create the inner circle. In this full-day class you can design, cut, and assemble one circle. You may have time to get your piece quilted and bound as a stand-alone piece. For the class, pick a fun fabric with mirror images and be delighted with the surprise result (fabrics by Paula Nadelstern are suggested). You can also achieve very interesting results using two complementary colors; that’s not the end of options…it could be fun to use stripes! See the posted supply list for samples of differing kinds of printed fabrics that would create interesting pieces, and additional finished pieces. Note: if you don’t have a the wedge ruler, the 18 degree size will be available for purchase from Dianne on the class day.

.. • Sewing machine (only need straight stitch)
.. • Thread for piecing
.. • Quilting thread
.. • Scissors, seam ripper
.. • Flat head pins
.. • Safety pins
.. • Paper & pencil for taking notes
.. • Mat
.. • Quilting ruler (at least 1″ x 12″)
.. • Rotary cutter (consider a new blade)
.. • Wedge ruler to cut your pieces.
……The 18 degree rulers are about 7×3″ and you will need to have 20 repeats of the same design in your fabric.
……Will be available for purchase for $9 on class day.
.. • Backing and facing fabric (3/4 yard)
.. • Batting (30″ x 30″)
.. • Optional:
…… • Folding mirror
…… • Design wall (can use flannel or batting — something you can pin onto and take with you)
…… • Extension cord

..• This technique works best with a fabric that mirrors itself vertically and/or horizontally.
…….• Paula Nadelstern fabric will usually give you this result. See the supply list for other examples of suitable fabrics for this technique.
…….• Because there are so many options in the cutting and layout of the fabrics, it’s hard to provide specific fabric requirements.
…….• You will be using a wedge ruler to cut your pieces.
……….The 18 degree rulers are about 7×3″ and you will need to have 20 repeats of the same design in your fabric to make one circle when using this ruler.
…….• Dianne Kane’s full supply list Click to see design and fabric ideas.

If you have any questions about fabric selection, please contact Dianne: call (360-693-3994) or email (DianneKane1@gmail.com).
Workshop Enrollment: enrollment ends on April 18; if there are vacancies as of March 30, enrollment will be opened to non-members. Fees are $40 for BBQ members and $50 for non-members.
To enroll, please either:
..Pay the registration fee by check at the March guild meeting;
..Mail a check for the registration fee to:
……Boise Basin Quilters
……PO Box 4434
……Boise, ID 83711

..Or pay online through your PayPal account to treasurer@boisebasinquilters.org

Make checks out to BBQ (not to ‘Workshops’). With either check or PayPal payment, please be sure to include your preferred contact information (name, phone number, and email address). and note the name of the workshop(s) you wish to take. You can include this in the “what’s this payment for” field when using PayPal.

If the workshop is already full or has been cancelled, you will be notified and your payment will be returned.

Artist Statement
“When I grow up, I want to be an artist.” I kept repeating that mantra for decades. Then in 1998, my cousin Judy introduced me to her quilt camp and the addiction hit. I love all parts of the quilting process: the vision, the fondling of the fabric, the cutting, the combining, the quilting, and the standing back to enjoy. Currently I can’t say I like just one type of quilt. I’m still experimenting with all types of contemporary approaches. And I admit to being my Mother’s daughter (with the need to create) and my Daddy’s daughter and Auntie R’Lue’s niece (with the need to collect and store everything). I currently live and play in Nampa, Idaho.

Because I have that “need to create,” I want to share my creations with others. I love seeing my work being enjoyed in the homes of the friends and family.

During a recent Open Studio event, I was able to share my work. It was fun to touch each piece and remember how “it came to be”. Now, many of those pieces have found new homes.

My studio is filled with wonderful “hardware”. I have several little Singer Featherweight machines, a Bernina that is almost always accessorized with a walking foot, and a couple of sergers. The pièce de résistance is Junebug, my APQS longarm quilting machine, that finishes quilts for me and for my friends and family.

The “software” is a wall of fabric. We quilters call that a “stash”. There’s a lot in my stash. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the amount of projects waiting to be made, and other times I am incredibility inspired by what’s around me.”

Visit Dianne’s website diannekane.com to see a selection of her amazing quilts.