ur Guild members enjoy sharing their finished quilts at our general meeting each month. Its a great time to check out color schemes, patterns that may interest you, and admire the work of our fellow artists!

Click on the month to see the quilts featured during each meeting. By clicking on the individual pictures, you can read more about the maker, the quilter, and the pattern, if available.

    • Wildlife Wonders by Bev Sheeley
    • Star Sampler by Jane Thompson
    • Patchwork Barn by Connie Emmen
    • Maroon Anvils by Carol Bearce
    • Mariners Star 1 Covid by Jane Thompson
    • Hexy for Quilts for Kids by Jan Lundine
    • Hadley's Giraffes by Janice Atkin-Neva
    • Griffins Quilt by Carol Bearce
    • Goose Lake by Karen Falvey
    • Dragonfly Pond by Karen Falvey
    • Crazy Quilt 2 Covid by Jane Thompson
    • Corona by Ann Davis
    • Checkered Past by Bev Sheeley
    • Blue Gingko by Karen Falvey
    • Avian Advocates by Bev Sheeley
    • Autumn Anniversary Again by Bev Sheeley