October 17, 2020 Schoolhouse ~ Esther Kleinkauf “Fabric Dying”

Instructor: Esther Kleinkauf
Cost: $15
Time: 9:00 – noon
Location: Boise Rigging Supply parking lot

Have you ever wanted a custom colored fabric? How about a black and “?” print? Come and try Esther’s “life friendly” dyeing process that cuts out most of the tedious work of timing and can also be used for fabrics other than the standard quilter’s cotton, like sateen, linen, or even hemp.

This class will be held outdoors in the parking lot of Boise Rigging. You will need to provide 100% cotton (no permanent press finish) prewashed fabric in 1 yard pieces. Your $15 fee will cover the cost of dyeing one piece of fabric; please contact Esther at toshindo715@gmail.com or at (208) 297-8662 if you’d like to arrange to do more. More information will be provided when you sign up.

Treasured Colors Mini Landscape Quilt
Dyed Fabric Mini Landscape Quilt