October 2020 Schoolhouse ~ Esther Kleinkauf “Fabric Dyeing”

Instructor: Esther Kleinkauf
Cost: $15
Time: 9:00 – noon
Location: Boise Rigging Supply parking lot (weather permitting, the class will be held outdoors.)

Have you ever wanted a custom colored fabric? How about a black and “?” print? Come and try Esther’s “life friendly” dyeing process that cuts out most of the tedious work of timing and can also be used for fabrics other than the standard quilter’s cotton, like sateen, linen, or even hemp.

You will need to bring a few items with you for this class. First and most important is fabric. You will be able to dye 2 yards for the class fee. This needs to be a white or natural fabric that has no finishes (such as permanent press). Most likely, any good quilting cotton will do. You can also dye black and white prints. Each baggie will hold 1 yard. This does not have to be all one piece, so you can experiment if you want. If you wish to dye additional fabric at $ 2.00 a yard, you must be contact Esther before the class to request this.

The fabric must be PREWASHED before the class. Wash it in hot water with either Synthropol (if you happen to have it) or Dawn or 7th Generation dish soap. Yes, I said dish soap! You will be using it later to wash out the extra dye, too.

Please also bring these supplies with you to class:
..• 1 gallon ziplock baggie (if you have freezer ones they are stronger) per yard. Do not use the kind with actual zippers– they leak!
..• Apron, dust mask (of course the N95 ones are best),
..• Gloves, dishpan (to carry the baggies of dyed fabric).
..• Paper towels for cleanup

Please contact Esther if you have any questions: email toshindo715@gmail.com or phone 785-806-0477.

More information will be provided when you sign up.

The class will be held outdoors in the Boise Rigging parking lot, weather permitting. Enrollment will be limited to allow for social distancing (one person per amply spaced table). Please wear a mask, and use good judgement in determining whether for you personally the risk of attending is worth the benefit.

To enroll, please send a check made out to BBQ (not Schoolhouse), as well as your preferred contact information, to Janice Black at 2303 Heights Dr., Boise, ID 83702 before October 13. If the class is already full or has been cancelled, you will be notified and your payment will be returned. Please feel free to contact Janice at Janiceteed@gmail.com (phone 208-340-7115) if you have additional questions. Sooner is better, to help Esther plan!

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