January 28, 2023 Workshop ~ Color and Value – Virtual Class

Instructor: Tori McElwain
Date: Saturday, January 28
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Registration fee:
..BBQ members: $40
..Non-BBQ members: $50
Registrants will receive link to join class

Registration closes January 20, 2023

Learn how to make color work for you in this virtual workshop based on the Color Confidence Curriculum. You’ll be able to access your own stash at home as you practice learning to confidently create your own color palettes using either classic color-wheel-based fabric pulls or less conventional choices based on things like saturation and tone.

This class is being offered in conjunction with BBQ Programs (January 19), and will have a different fee and registration process from most Schoolhouse classes: $15 for members; $50 for nonmembers.

Tori McElwain Bio

“I am a Quilting Instructor, Course Designer, and Pattern Designer. I have been quilting for over 20 years and have an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M – Central Texas, along with many years of teaching experience.

I am a past Kindergarten teacher, and currently wife to an Active Duty Serviceman, as well as a mother of two and dog mom! I love to travel and I absolutely love sharing my passion for quilting!

For many, color can be very intuitive and for others it’s not. I wanted to share a color curriculum that supports all learning styles and preferences. This curriculum makes a topic that can be challenging, or vague, very concrete and doable.

Having an eye for color is something that can be learned and taught. The feedback on this Color Confidence curriculum and workshops has been tremendous and I know your students are going to love it!

Movement is a passion I have. I have been a dancer since I was a toddler! This passion has worked its way into my quilting style and I have developed a program and workshop to help other quilters identify and add this unique element to their quilts!”

To enroll, please send a check made out to BBQ (not Schoolhouse) to:
..Boise Basin Quilters
..PO Box 4434
..Boise, ID 83711

Or pay online through your PayPal account to treasurer@boisebasinquilters.org

With either check or PayPal payment, please be sure to include your preferred contact information (name, phone number, and email address).

If the class is already full or has been cancelled, you will be notified and your payment will be returned.

Color Confidence for Quilters Workshop Example on Black