Barbara Smith "All My Favorite Things" Wool Basket


arbara has been a member of the Boise Basin Quilt Guild since the early 90’s and served in a variety of offices over the years. She is also the chairperson of the Treasure Valley Applique Society. Barbara is honored to be the guest quilter for the 2017 BBQ quilt show and is looking forward to sharing her quilts and love of quilting.

Artist Statement

I love fabric, color, design, creating, and piecing and quilting. I love a variety of types of quilts and am always willing to learn something new. I especially like quilts that combine both piecing and appliqué. My favorite block is the Dresden Plate because of the variety of ways it can be arranged in both the blocks and borders. I also love flowers and add a lot of them to my quilts and my quilting. I have many friends who share my love of quilting and they are one of the most important aspects of being a quilter.

I worked for 42 years as a registered nurse, primarily in the emergency department both as a staff nurse and then nurse educator. Because I was always working to be ready for the next emergency, I do many things quickly. I talk, eat, clean house and so on as if another patient with a heart attack might be arriving in a few seconds and I must be ready to care for them. However, I also have to be accurate when working fast to save a life. One of the things I liked about the emergency room was the variety: seniors, children, people from all walks of life, some with minor injury or illness, others with major, life threatening problems. As a nurse educator I loved teaching both new and experienced nurses, helping them grow from novice to expert.

These characteristics spill over into my quilting career. I am a prolific quilter, I love a variety of types of quilts, am always willing to learn something new. I like all aspects of the quilting process and will work for 5 minutes or 5 hours, whatever time I have available. I work on multiple projects at the same time, and I finish most of what I make. I have a rule that if I make an error, I fix it right away. I also love to teach quilting; especially free motion quilting which adds the icing on the quilt.