June 17, 2021 Program ~ Lilo Bowman — “Love Where You Create: It’s Not A One Size Fits All Solution” Virtual Lecture “

Learn to Build a creative place that works for you, your space, your budget and where you are right now.

Lilo sent our Guild two copies of her new book “Love Your Creative Space – A Visual Guide to Creating an Inspiring & Organized Studio Without Breaking the Bank”. One book was given to our library. A drawing for will be held at end of the meeting from the members who logged in to the zoom meeting to determine the winner of the second book.

June 21 Program - Lilo Bowman

ZOOM meeting for members only with virtual Show & Tell and Q&A.

Members will receive invitation to join meeting.

Lilo Bowman

Prior to Lilo’s presentation, she provided the following lecture handout.
June 21 Program – Lilo Bowman Handout
Lilo’s Bio
Lilo has worked as a floral designer, translator, tour guide, wedding planner, and is now editor-in-chief of TheQuiltShow.com. Her work has been varied, often challenging, but always creative. Since early childhood, she has been instilled with the desire for and love of doing something with your hands, learned by observing the varied and beautiful items crafted by both of her grandmothers. Raised in a German culture, Lilo was always keenly aware of and fascinated with objects (whether utilitarian or decorative) that were attractively displayed while still being orderly.

Food, travel (both as a military wife and tourist), and curiosity about other cultures have also played a large role in shaping Lilo’s sense of taste and design and her understanding of how others prioritize the items they choose to have in their homes. Being surrounded by strong, independent, and civic-minded female role models has instilled a sense of “you can do this” and “consider others” along the way.

When not working, Lilo travels, gardens, works on DIY projects with a ragtag bunch of rescue pets nearby, and spends time with her extended, loud, noisy, always food- and travel-talking family.