April 15, 2021 Program ~ Diane Harris — Virtual Lecture “Make Extraordinary Scrap Quilts”

ZOOM meeting for members only with virtual Show & Tell and Q&A.

Members will receive invitation to join meeting.

Diane says: “This is by far my most-booked trunk show. I use scrap quilts—some with a few dozen fabrics and some with many hundreds of fabrics—to demonstrate what makes a scrap quilt work. Or not work!

Viewers will see what happens in a chaos quilt and in a carefully planned color-specific scrap quilt. There are giant patches and teeny tiny patches in these quilts. Some feature traditional color schemes and fabrics and some are WAY out there.

This is entertainment at its best because you’re learning the whole time you’re enjoying these quilts, even if they make you scratch your head! Learn the importance of value, what can tie many diverse fabrics together, how to use the most difficult and ugly fabrics and more.”

Diane Harris’ website stashbandit.net.

Diane Harris

Diane Harris