MEMBERSHIP MEETING CANCELLED March 19, 2020 Program: Idaho Quilt Makers From Garden Valley Trunk Show

We are delighted to feature two dynamic quilt makers from Garden Valley, Pat Budge and Carol Hazen. Both of these ladies have quilts in exhibits curated by Nancy Crow, an internationally known quilt maker. Their work reflects their individual style and is visually exciting.

Pat Budge Carol Hazen
Pat Budge Carl Hazen


Pat Budge “Marble” Carol Hazen “. . . . .”
Pat Budge Carl Hazen

Pat Budge Bio
Pat is a full-time quiltmaker, creating art for the wall. Her work has been accepted into five Quilt National exhibitions (2007, 2009, 2011, 2017, 2019). She lives in the rural west-central mountains of Idaho, and was involved in quilting of various expressions for over a decade before discovering the contemporary quilted art community, adopting this medium as a full-time vocation. She is a juried artist member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, a founder of the Garden Valley Center for the Arts, and a member of Garden Valley Art. Pat was a curatorial assistant at the Garden Valley Center for the Arts and has studied composition with artist Nancy Crow.

Carol Hazen is a contemporary quilt maker and youth ministry leader from Garden Valley. She leads a Faith based discipleship/leadership program that has grown to 16 youths, which is the entire graduating class of Garden Valley. Both quilt making and the youth program have her heart. And she continues to fine tune the dance of both with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. Carol has work featured in “Circular Abstractions, Bullseye Quilts”, a national exhibit curated by Nancy Crow.