Schoolhouse ~ “Vintage 2-Fer”: “Quilting With Vintage Linens and Doilies” and “Rescue Those Memories, Honor Those Talents: A Primer on Repairing Vintage Quilt Tops” ~ Saturday, April 29, 9am – 3pm

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  • April 29, 2023
  • 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Boise Rigging Supply, 6750 West Victory Road, Boise, Idaho

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Two classes will be held on April 29.
Cost: Just $15 gets you into both classes!

"Lois Alice ~ Vintage Linen "

Class 1 – morning
Instructor: Lois Alice
Class Title: Quilting With Vintage Linens and Doilies
Time: 9am – 12pm

Get out those vintage linens and doilies, or start collecting some now! Come join BBQ member Lois Alice in a half-day class for suggestions on what to do with old doilies, table runners or even handkerchiefs. She will have several examples of what she did with some of her Grandmother’s handwork. Since there is no right or wrong way to turn your vintage linens (or not so vintage) into a usable quilt (or curtain, tote, pincushion or other object), she will have lots of suggestions appealing to different tastes, plus websites for other ways to turn something that you have in a pile into something that you can use.

Supply list: a sewing machine is optional. Most of Lois’ work was done by hand, except for the final quilting. Dig out fun backgrounds for your pieces….that piece of lamé, or satin or silk… things to sew on top of the vintage pieces…buttons, lace, frilly yarn, seed beads, commercial appliqué motifs (think prom or wedding outfits). Hand dyed fabric or samples of decorator fabric also work well.

Class 2 – afternoon
Instructor: Vicki Francis
Class Title: Rescue Those Memories, Honor Those Talents: A Primer on Repairing Vintage Quilt Tops
Time: 1pm – 3pm

What do we do with those quilt tops that come our way that have been hidden in garages and attics for decades? Memories can flood back as you touch the fabric but what to do with them now? We want to honor the quilt maker but this is a different animal from starting a quilt from scratch!

Vicki Francis began specializing in repairing vintage quilt tops about six years ago when a friend begged her to work on a baby quilt that had fabric from seven generations of family members in it. Reluctantly she took on the project but then discovered how heartwarming these “rescues” can be and the miraculous transformations that can happen with the right set of skills, tools and materials.

Join Vicki for an afternoon of sharing her knowledge. Here are some points she will address:
..– Should we even try to rescue it?
..– Should it be cleaned? How to clean without damaging it further?
..– How to stabilize fragile fabric before even considering quilting it.
..– What types of quilting patterns work best and why?
..– How to “interview” the quilt owners and create the provenance for future generations.

Feel free to bring a quilt top to the workshop for possible suggestions on how to handle repairs. However time is a consideration so not all tops may be discussed. Interested in scheduling time with Vicki? Contact her at for a $25 private consultation outside of the workshop.

"Vintage Quilt 1 - Before " "Vintage Quilt 1 - After ""Vintage Quilt 2 - Before " "Vintage Quilt 2 - After "

Cost: It’s a true 2-fer . . . $15 gets you into both classes!

To enroll, please send a check for $15 made out to BBQ (not Schoolhouse) to:
..Boise Basin Quilters
..PO Box 4434
..Boise, ID 83711

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