Thank you to all who contributed to a successfull National QoV Sew Day that was held on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at

Idaho Sewing and Vacuum, 4500 W. Overland Rd, Boise

The 2019 QoV Block Drive blocks were made.  An example of the block and quilts made with them is below:









QoV Block Drive Friendship Star


Q u i l t  o f  V a l o r  H i s t o r y :

2018 National Quilt of Valor Block Drive – We Are Making Blocks for Local QoV

This is your chance to participate in The National 2018 Quilts of Valor block drive.  It features a beginner’s Friendship Star with a pinwheel center.   Instructions are in this attachment.

The purpose of the national block drive is to give individuals or groups who wish to make just a few blocks the opportunity to have their block(s) included in QoV quilts.  

Please see the attachment with instructions for the 2018 block – all our blocks will be kept at the local level and used to build quilts for the local QoV group.

We look forward to your contribution of this Friendship Star block(s).  Once your blocks are completed, please bring them to a BBQ general meeting or contact Connie Emmen at 208-336-9919 or

2018 BBQ  Quilt Show Included Quilts of Valor Presentations:

Six of your donated quilts were awarded at the QoV ceremony at the quilt show to Lynn Steadham, William Stephens, Norbert Schuster, Randy Miller, Ben Steffens and Charles Sullivan. Kuna Middle School has asked that the presentation of a Quilt of Valor become a traditional part of their Veterans’ Day assembly in November. The students learn about the Quilts of Valor Foundation, nominate someone to receive a quilt, then interview their nominee to learn about his/her military service.

QoV presentations occur throughout the year but we can count on a beautiful presentation at our next quilt show – September 2019.

To nominate an American Service Veteran or Active Duty person to receive a quilt during this ceremony, go to, click the “Take Action” tab at the top of the home page, and select “Request a Quilt” from the menu. Fill out the form, and in the “Comments” block, ask that your nomination be assigned to Connie Emmen for presentation at the BBQ Quilt Show.

Please watch for the next Quilts of Valor Sew Day in Boise – date to be determined. 

Quilts are accepted at any general BBQ meeting.  We welcome your quilt contributions.  Please see general guidelines below.


       Quilts of Valor General Information:


ur Quilts of Valor quilts are presented to our military service members and veterans touched by war. Please help with creating patriotic-themed quilts to provide comfort and healing!. We are happy to accept any patriotic-themed quilts.


Preferred Size: 60″ x 80″ and no smaller than 55″ X 65″

Note on Fabric Dye:
Before using them, please pre-wash all red and blue fabrics in warm water with Shout Color Catchers or Carbon Color Grabbers and Retayne or other dye fixative. All QoV must be pre-washed before presenting and we have had some beautiful quilts ruined in the final washing because the fabrics had not been pre-washed adequately. It is heartbreaking to see the quiltmaker’s hard work spoiled – still a warm quilt but not as beautiful as intended.

We love fabric donations! If you have fabric in patriotic themes or colors to donate (fat quarter or larger) for someone else to make a Quilt of Valor, please take the fabric to our table at the next Guild meeting.

The basic requirements of a Quilt of Valor can be obtained at the QoV table at guild meetings or by clicking here:

You may also be interested in the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Their website is:

For questions, please check at the QoV table at any general meeting or contact:
Connie Emmen, Boise Basin Quilters QoV Coordinator
Idaho Sewing & Vacuum, Area Sponsor

Closeup of blocks in a QoV quilt

A few Quilts of Valor that have been donated:   (click on the image for a larger view – then click outside the photo to return)

Quilts of Valor at the 2016 BBQ Quilt Show

Quilts of Valor at the 2016 BBQ Quilt Show

Many Helping Hands at a Quilt of Valor Sew Day in February 2017

February 2017 Quilt of Valor Sew Day

Quilts of Valor Display

Quilts of Valor Display at the BBQ Quilt Show


Mona Harp made this QOV at the sew day in Feb, 2016. Center blocks include Mona's designs. Quilt of Valor; donated top, quilted by Connie Emmen & finished by Cathy Venosdel. Piece in the Valley - Pass the Bag; Sandy Duncan and Cheryl Neruda

Both Quilts of Valor were created by Kenna Worthington & quilted by the Quilt Crossing."Super Star" was made by Elaine Cederquist, Sue Kreger, & Lula Dorlarque as a Quilt of Valor.QOV Jody Darci Janae "Christmas Pickle"

Sue Gregory created this "Patriotic Snowflake" as a Quilt of Valor from a new tool, the Bloc_Loc split rectangle. This is a sample of quilts made at the February "Sew-in" for the Quilts of Valor. Five quilt tops were assembled as a result of the volunteers. Connie Emmen used Churn Dash blocks to create & quilt this Quilt of Valor. Quilt of Valor Donation Quilt of Valor donation PamLotspeich RunwayStarsForValor Jackie Fuller Jackie Fuller BentoBoxThis "Quilt of Honor" from Fons & Porter was made by Maryon Evans and quilted by Connie Emmen for the female Veterans presentation at the Quilt Show.This Quilt of Valor, "Split 9-Patch was made by the small group Piece Corp and quilted by Connie Emmen.This Quilt of Valor, "Sampler Star", was created by the small group Friday Nooners, and quilted by Connie Emmen.This Quilt of Valor, "Traditional Variable Star", was created by Esther Kleinkauf and quilted by Connie Emmen.