HELP NEEDED! Training and Mentoring by experienced volunteers provided!

Join the Quilt Show Committee for a fun and rewarding way to help out your Guild. Our annual Quilt Show is our biggest event and the Guild’s largest fund-raiser. The funds are used to support our many activities and programs, and helps to supplement the costs of our wonderful speakers and classes.

We need your help in the following areas to make our next show our BEST YET! Please join us…

Admissions: This person should be organized and will manage our admissions and ticket area. This person will be “trained” by our Treasurer and will follow the established protocols, developed by the Quilt Show Committee. Will require two full days of commitment during the show, plus attendance of at least one or two planning meetings and a training session with the Quilt Show Treasurer.

Badges: This person will work with the Volunteer Coordinator and will produce the Show Identification Badges that are worn by all show guests and volunteer workers. These badges are “custom-made” each year, so requires the use of a computer to design and then print the badges. The Quilt Show Committee can provide a computer & printer for use, if needed. Must enjoy “arts & crafts”, as you will be helping to “design and produce” the badges. This person may need to order supplies, if deemed necessary. This position, typically requires about 1 day (total) of commitment, a few days prior to the show, plus a few possible additional hours to get supplies, if needed.

Door Prizes: This is a super fun and rewarding position. Responsible for setting up and distributing “door prizes” to all of our show guests. You’ll receive mentoring and training, along with suggestions from our past coordinators, but you’ll also have the freedom to develop your own “fun” way of distribution, if you desire. Will require occasional attendance at monthly Show Planning meetings and several days of preparation in advance of the show. Will require full-time attendance, both days of the show.

Photographer: Do you like to take photos? No experience required! Just your enthusiasm and your commitment to 3 partial days during “Quilt Show Week”, to capture photos of the award-winning quilts, that will be posted in our promotional materials and to the website and to also capture candid photos of some of the excitement and activities during the Quilt Show. A camera and storage card will be provided for your use, or you are welcome to use your own, if you prefer.

Quilt Show Layout/Floor Plan Designer/Set up Coordinator: Do you love interior design? Do you have a good sense of “space requirements”? Do you love coordinating colors, designs, displays? We need volunteer(s) who can develop our empty show space and turn it into the “magic” of the Quilt Show. A “team” would be ideal, as this is a big job. Will involve how best to use the space, coordinate with the various Committee chairs to meet each one’s needs and to order required furnishings and coordinate the setting up of the show. Does require a good amount of dedication in the weeks leading up to the show and will require full-time availability during the full week of the show. Communication skills are essential.

2021 Raffle Quilt Tour Coordinator: This person develops and maintains scheduling of our Raffle Quilt for the purpose of display, ticket sales, and promotion of the Show. You are NOT required to attend every event, but will be responsible for making sure that the quilt is delivered to its scheduled location/event and is picked up at the end, (by a reliable person) along with providing promotional materials with it, if needed.

2022 Raffle Quilt Coordinator: This person takes the “lead” in planning for the production of the next raffle quilt. You will work with your committee to choose a quilt design, shop for the materials, set up a sewing plan, and coordinate and oversee the entire production of the raffle quilt and prepare it for entry into the Western Idaho Fair and the upcoming Quilt Show. You will be given a pre-determined budget and can be as creative as you and your committee desire.

Vendors: Seeking someone who enjoys making contact with our valuable Vendors. This person will work side-by-side with our current Vendor coordinator to obtain and bring our vendors to the show. Our vendors historically LOVE our show, with our unique offerings and personal attention, so this is not a difficult task, but does require a good amount of commitment and a year-long effort. It is extremely gratifying, fulfilling and so much fun!

If you would like more information on any of the committees, please contact 2021 Quilt Show Chair Scott Weigt at 208-853-8188,