Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the upcoming Quilt Show. The Quilt Show Committee differs from other Guild Committees in that it runs from October to October, has its own separate budget, Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer and Policies and Procedures. The Committee meets on the 4th Thursday of every month at the Church of Christ from 7:00-9:00 pm. The Committee does not meet in June, November and December, but things are happening all year round.

The Quilt Show Committee is quite large and many of the committee members also volunteer on other sub-committees to help form the next show. Everyone is welcome to join in and give their opinions or just sit and learn. This group of volunteers is dedicated and committed to put on a good show every year. New volunteers are especially welcome as new and fresh ideas are always appreciated.

The following is a list of current open Committee Positions, however if you have an interest in volunteering for any of the Quilt Show committees, do not hesitate to express your interest. More than one person can be on a committee:

2019 Quilt Show Committee Openings

Quilt Show Vice Chair— This position is primarily a learning position to take on the role of the Quilt Show Chair in the following year. Position requires attendance at Quilt Show, Membership and New Member meetings as well as acting as a sup-port person for the Quilt Show. Covers for Chair, when needed, and acts as a resource for the Committee.

Demonstrations/Classes— This activity involves coordination of and announcing the demonstrations/classes to be given during the Quilt Show. The Demonstrations Group is usually active three to four months prior to the Show.

Publicity— This position will use various methods to generate publicity for the quilt show, including (but not limited to) radio, television, websites, posters .

Raffle Quilt Tour Coordinator— This activity involves arranging for the raffle quilt to be displayed and tickets to be sold at a variety of venues. The Raffle Quilt Coordinator begins arranging for the tour as soon as the quilt is completed, approximately ten months prior to the show. The Coordinator contacts quilt shows and shops in the area to request permission to display the raffle quilt. Be sure to ask if Shows allow the sale of tickets by a committee member and if shops are willing to sell tickets themselves.

Recording Secretary— This position is the Chair’s right hand person to keep Chair focused and to remember what is discussed at the monthly meetings and is responsible for taking minutes for the Quilt Show Board. Copies of minutes are maintained for reference.

If you would like more information on any of the committees, please feel free to contact Scott Weigt at 208-853-8188,

Quilt Show Committee Descriptions